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Vagabond Gluten Free Beer Review: A Craft Beer Revolution for All

Gluten Free beer reviews

For those navigating the complex landscape of dietary requirements, BrewDog’s Vagabond Gluten Free Beer has emerged as a shining example of how craft beer can still be relished by every enthusiast, regardless of gluten intolerance. This pioneering pale ale intertwines the richness of traditional craft beer with the necessity for gluten free drinks, offering a vegan beer option that doesn’t skimp on taste. Brewed in the heart of the United Kingdom, Vagabond not only satisfies the palate but also adheres to gluten free alcohol options, enriching the beer-drinking experience for coeliacs and gluten sensitives alike.

Key Takeaways

  • BrewDog’s Vagabond is at the forefront of gluten free, vegan beer options, ensuring inclusivity in the craft beer community.
  • Created with a blend of American hops and Scottish water, the beer is both refreshing and full-flavoured.
  • Adhering to strict gluten free guidelines, Vagabond caters to health-conscious drinkers with its 4.5% ABV.
  • A balanced and hop-forward taste profile makes this gluten free beverage a palatable choice for refined beer enthusiasts.
  • Despite the absence of gluten, the beer’s complexity and craftmanship remain uncompromised, offering a genuine craft beer experience.

Introduction to Vagabond Gluten Free Beer

BrewDog’s legacy as a forerunner in the craft beer industry is undoubtedly cemented with their creation of Vagabond Gluten Free Beer. Conceived with the aim to deliver a premium beer experience without gluten, Vagabond has become a symbol of the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and quality. For those seeking “gluten free beer near me”, Vagabond emerges as a favoured solution, offering a chance to relish in the sociability and satisfaction of enjoying a well-made beer, full of character and devoid of gluten.

Vagabond gluten free beer

Not only has Vagabond established a footprint as a sought-after beverage among gluten free beer brands, but it also exemplifies BrewDog’s pioneering spirit by infusing traditional brewing brilliance with contemporary dietary consciousness. It’s poured for those who have often walked past taverns and alehouses wishing for a pint without the post-pint discomfort. In essence, Vagabond’s creation is BrewDog’s way of saying, “You are not left out.”

  1. Vagabond stands tall as a testament to BrewDog’s innovative approach within the gluten free realm.
  2. It’s crafted to ensure no compromise is made on taste or the inherent qualities of a superior craft beer.
  3. Inclusivity is at the heart of Vagabond, making it a beverage for all to enjoy, regardless of gluten sensitivity or coeliac restrictions.

The phrase “missing only one thing – gluten” encapsulates the essence with which Vagabond was infused. A beer for the contemporary consumer, it is BrewDog’s invitation to all who love the craft beer experience but must navigate the dietary landscape with care. Vagabond Gluten Free Beer, a beacon in the craft beer world, continues to light the way for those in pursuit of flavourful, gluten free alternatives.

Vagabond Gluten Free Beer: Composition and Brewing Process

The craft of creating Vagabond Beer is a testament to the innovative methods employed to achieve a truly gluten free drink. Brewed in the heart of the United Kingdom, this splendid craft beer combines traditional ingredients with advanced techniques to deliver a refreshingly safe beverage for those with gluten sensitivities.

Brewed with Malted Barley and American Hops

BrewDog’s Vagabond beer honours the classic brewing art by using 100% malted barley. The inclusion of premium American hop varieties imparts that distinct bold flavour, while still offering a reprieve for those seeking gluten free drinks. Emphasising the commitment to quality, the barley undergoes a transformative process, utilising a specialised enzyme that meticulously breaks down gluten to nonthreatening levels for coeliac sufferers. Each Vagabond batch manifests with less than 20 ppm of gluten, thereby adhering to international gluten free standards.

Proudly Produced in the United Kingdom with Scottish Water

Scottish water, renowned for its purity, plays a crucial role in the brewing of Vagabond Beer, lending a remarkable freshness that can only be attributed to the pristine water sources of Scotland. This UK crafted beer integrates BrewDog’s proprietary yeast, sculpting a beverage revered not just for its accommodating gluten content but also for its discernible regional character.

In essence, Vagabond is more than just a gluten free beer; it’s a symbol of inclusivity within the beer-drinking community. Those once restricted from the hoppy joys of craft beer can now indulge in this full-flavoured brew with confidence, assured by BrewDog’s rigorous standards and a commitment to excellence that resonates in every sip.

Vagabond beer brewing process

The Gluten Free Solution: Appreciating the Art of Gluten Removal

The evolution of gluten free beer production is a modern triumph for breweries and beer enthusiasts alike. Especially for those seeking gluten free alcohol, the technique refined by BrewDog for their acclaimed Vagabond Gluten Free Beer serves as a template for success. This innovative approach to brewing caters to the needs of individuals with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity, proving that the pleasure of a pint need not be hampered by dietary restrictions.

Gluten free beer production

Understanding Gluten Free Beer Production

At the heart of the matter, the quest for producing gluten free beer hinges on selecting the appropriate ingredients and employing specialised processes. While traditional beers are rich in gluten due to their malted barley content, gluten free alternatives, like Vagabond, take a different path. BrewDog showcases the diversity of gluten free grains or, as with Vagabond, utilises barley and rids the gluten through enzymatic action—a testament to their mastery over the brewing process.

The Science Behind the Enzymatic Treatment

BrewDog’s signature method that endears Vagabond to those on a gluten free diet is rooted in the science of enzymes. Applying this biological catalyst to break down the gluten proteins without compromising the beer’s inherent characteristics allows Vagabond to maintain its body and flavour profile. Coeliac UK acknowledges beers treated in this manner as fit for consumption, given rigorous testing verifies they contain gluten levels under 20ppm. Vagabond’s strict adherence to these standards assures its reliability and quality, offering peace of mind and pleasure in every bottle.

An In-Depth Look: Vagabond’s Appearance and Aroma

As one embarks on a sensory exploration of Vagabond gluten free beer, the visual and olfactory facets offer an inviting prelude to the tasting journey. It’s a well-known entrant in the portfolio of gluten free drinks, and this gluten free beer review aims to delve into the characteristic allure that Vagabond possesses.

Vagabond gluten free beer

Golden Amber Hue: A Visual Treat

Capturing the essence of colour in brews, Vagabond presents its deep golden amber tone with striking clarity. Upon pour, it boasts a frothy white crown, demonstrating a tenacious head retention that artfully leaves behind a commendable lacing on the glass – a truly sightly appeal for those with an eye for craftmanship.

Olfactory Notes: Tropical Fruits and Pungent Hops

Transcending mere visual aesthetics, Vagabond tempts the nose with an aromatic profile rich in tropical fruits and a hallmark pungency of ripe hops. Nuances of pine resin and a crisp, citrus underlining of grapefruit enliven the bouquet, promising a compelling lead into the intricate tapestry of flavours that follow.

Equipped with the visuals and scents that set the stage, Vagabond stands as a testament to accessible, yet distinct, gluten free beer options within the UK’s vibrant brewing scene.

The Palate’s Journey: Taste and Aftertaste of Vagabond Beer

Welcome to the intricate world of Vagabond Gluten Free Beer, where every sip promises a taste experience tailored for both the avid beer enthusiast and the gluten-conscious individual. Embrace the subtle complexities and bold craft beer flavours meticulously imbued in every bottle.

From Bitter Pine to Zesty Grapefruit Undertones

The first note that greets the palate is a bold assertion of bitter pine, a classic craft beer hallmark, which swiftly gives way to the zesty essence of grapefruit. The journey through Vagabond’s flavour landscape is a testament to BrewDog’s commitment to cater to those in search of gluten free alcohol options without compromise. Gluten free alcoholic beverages can often miss the mark when it comes to replicating the deeply satisfying aspects of traditional brews, but with Vagabond, the search for that authentic taste experience is over. Amidst the pine and the zest lies a robust caramel malt base, an underpinning that grounds the lively top notes with a warm richness.

The Lingering Finish: A Testament to Quality

As the initial burst of flavour subsides, what remains is a lingering aftertaste, an enduring finish that’s marked by the signature piney hops so emblematic of the best vegan beers. This quality is not merely an afterthought but a deliberate choice to ensure that the character of the beer stays with you, teasing the palate and inviting another sip. Vagabond’s capacity to offer a persistent, memorable finish is a striking balance of boldness and refinement, a tribute to the skilful hands that guide BrewDog’s craft.

Craft beer flavours of Vagabond Gluten Free Beer

For those who align their preferences with vegan beer choices, and often find themselves navigating through the varied gluten free alcohol options, Vagabond is a beacon of hope. It eschews animal products, fully embracing the principles of ethical brewing while remaining faithful to the rich tapestry of craft beer flavours aficionados adore. This BrewDog creation offers safety in its taste for the gluten intolerant, and joy in its complexity for the beer lover.

Embark on a flavourful journey with Vagabond Gluten Free Beer and discover just how spectacular, well-crafted, and accommodating a true gluten-free craft beer can be. Cheers to inclusivity, cheers to great taste!

Safety Standards: Gluten Content Analysis and Coeliac UK Regulations

With an increasing number of people showing a preference for gluten free beer brands, it’s paramount to ensure safety and quality are at the core of production. Particularly for those with coeliac disease, adherence to stringent standards cannot be overstated. BrewDog’s Vagabond Gluten Free Beer exemplifies this commitment by rigorously complying with the guidelines set by Coeliac UK and UK law.

Adherence to ‘Gluten Free’ Labelling Requirements

The legal requisite for ‘gluten free’ labelling is clear—any product bearing this tag must contain 20 parts per million of gluten or less. Vagabond reaches well within this safe harbour, thanks to stringent process controls and dedication to the gluten free beer guidelines.

Gluten Testing in Beer Production

The Importance of Rigorous Gluten Testing

Trust is built on transparency and reliability, and that’s where the role of comprehensive gluten testing comes into play. With health and pleasure on the line, BrewDog does not take any half measures in ensuring its Vagabond label meets the mark. Recognising the severity of coeliac disease in the UK, the brand aligns with Coeliac UK regulations not just for compliance, but as a badge of honour that customers can rely on for a safer beer-drinking experience.

Varietals of Vagabond: Exploring Gluten Free Beer Alternatives

The arena of gluten free beers has burgeoned significantly, with a plethora of taste profiles catering to the discerning palates of consumers requiring gluten free alcohol options. Brandishing a torrid of innovative varieties, the market has seen an upsurge in options available to those searching for ‘gluten free beer near me’.

From the hop farms to the bar, Vagabond from BrewDog has earmarked its presence in the gluten free beer review forums with its gusto and dedication to maintaining the highest standards. Yet, it’s fitting that one examines not only Vagabond’s virtues but also how it compares to other brands within the gluten free domain.

Varietals of Vagabond and Gluten Free Beer Alternatives

A Spectrum of Flavours within Gluten Free Beers

As drinkers meander through the gardens of gluten free offerings, they are greeted by a mosaic of flavours. Each varietal of Vagabond accentuates a different orchestra of tastes:

  • Citrusy IPAs provide a zesty twist for those who favour a sprightly tang.
  • Delicate yet distinct, the bitter lagers cater to traditionalists yearning for a pilsner-esque experience sans gluten.
  • For an escape to summer serenity, beer alternatives infused with peach, elderflower, or grapefruit offer refreshing reprieve from the classic bitterness.

These flavours not only represent the brand’s variety but also the rich diversity within the craft beer spectrum itself, offering a sanctuary for all, regardless of dietary restrictions.

Comparative Review with Other Gluten Free Brands

When juxtaposed with counterparts such as the Free From Brewing Company, Skinny Lager, and Jubel Beer, Vagabond secures a robust standing:

  1. It quenches thirst with a beguiling charm, refreshing the weareried palate.
  2. Its consistency in adhering to gluten free standards is observed with a principled eye, ensuring a safe haven for coeliac and gluten-sensitive individuals.
  3. The creative union of flavours speaks to its ability to stand tall amongst competing brands, often preferred for its commitment to taste and texture.

It’s clear that whether for pleasure or necessity, the selection of gluten free beer brands like Vagabond lends those with dietary restrictions the chance to venture into a world once thought inaccessible – all the while enjoying peace of mind and satisfaction in each sip.

Impact on Health: Calorie Count and Nutritional Factors

As the trend towards health-conscious beer choices grows, many consumers are seeking refreshments that align with their lifestyle. Vagabond Gluten Free Beer is a shining example of a brew that offers a low-calorie option without skimping on taste, catering to those who don’t want to compromise on enjoyment for the sake of their health.

Navigating the Low-Calorie Beer Landscape

Beer aficionados with a focus on their wellbeing have never had it better. The market has seen an influx of vegan beer and low-calorie craft beer, providing ample options for the discerning palate. Beers like Vagabond not only cater to those with gluten sensitivities but also to those keeping an eye on their caloric intake.

  • Vegan beer offers a compassionate choice for those avoiding animal products.
  • Health-conscious beer choices allow enjoyment without the guilt.
  • Low-calorie craft beer satisfies the taste buds without overindulging.

Each sip reflects a commitment to health without sacrificing the rich, full-bodied experience beer enthusiasts cherish. Vagabond rises to the occasion, providing a beverage that pleases both the taste receptors and body’s nutritional demands – an ideal harmony for the health-aware beer drinker.

The Vagabond Experience: Consumer Reviews and Feedback

Though Vagabond Gluten Free Beer has retired from the vibrant stage of craft beers, its essence lingers in the air, still savoured by those who once raised a toast with its amber liquid. Consumer feedback, pivotal in gauging the success of any beer, paints a picture of the cherished moments and beer tasting experiences Vagabond facilitated.

Many reviews pour in with a consistency as rich as the beer itself, with drinkers reminiscing over the tantalising, refreshing citrus notes that dance on the palate. The satisfactory bitter edge of Vagabond is often lauded for striking the perfect balance — not too overwhelming, yet assertive enough to leave a distinguished imprint.

  • Accolades aplenty for its bold character without the gluten — a testament to BrewDog’s pioneering craftsmanship in the gluten-free beer market.
  • It didn’t just quench thirst; it offered inclusion, allowing those with gluten sensitivities to indulge without hesitation.
  • The seamless blend of hoppy joy with dietary conscientiousness has made it an enduring favourite in consumer feedback.

The Vagabond narrative is not solely defined by its absence; it’s enriched by the sense of community it fostered among those who favoured taste as much as tradition. Indeed, Vagabond was not just a beverage — it was a shared beer tasting experience, a voyage for the taste buds tailored for the discerning and the constrained alike. And so, as the chapters of Vagabond’s story are fondly reviewed, one can’t help but raise a glass to the lasting impact of this BrewDog creation.

Where to Find Vagabond Gluten Free Beer: Distribution and Availability

For those holding out hope for a pint of Vagabond Gluten Free Beer, you might wonder about gluten free beer near me. Although it has become a rarer find since its discontinuation, the Vagabond beer availability has left an indelible mark on the gluten free drinks distribution network. This means that sometimes a diligent search can yield the treasure you seek.

Gluten free beer enthusiasts haven’t been left high and dry, as Vagabond can still be spotted in various corners of the market, from well-stocked supermarkets to exclusive pubs and bars. These establishments often hold an affinity for unique and dietary-specific beverages catering to their customers’ diverse needs.

  • Supermarkets and Grocery Stores: Carrying a broad selection of beverages, including gluten free options.
  • Specialised Liquor Shops: These vendors often stock niche products like Vagabond beer.
  • Online Retailers: A haven for discontinued products, with the convenience of home delivery.

For those still on the quest for that perfect gluten free pint, it is advised to reach out directly to retailers or to keep an eye on online stores, where the stock might resurface. The persistent popularity of gluten free drinks ensures that distributors remain keenly aware of the demand. So, keep your ear to the ground – the next batch of Vagabond might just be waiting around the corner for you.

The Vegan Aspect: Aligning with Ethical Choices

When considering vegan beer, the conversation naturally gravitates towards BrewDog’s Vagabond Gluten Free Beer, which is lauded not only for its gluten-free attributes but also for its vegan suitability. In a world increasingly attentive to ethical consumption, the availability of such beverages is a significant boon to those who prioritise kindness in every aspect of their living, including their drinking habits.

Assessing Vagabond’s Vegan Friendliness

For the discerning consumer, the vegan credentials of Vagabond serve as a testament to BrewDog’s commitment to inclusiveness. By culling any animal-derived ingredients, they ensure that Vagabond stands out as a consummate choice for ethical beer enthusiasts. The rigour that goes into certifying Vagabond vegan suitability parallels the meticulous process of ensuring its gluten-free status, thus delivering a product that not only tastes great but aligns with the vegan ethos.

A Broader Perspective on Vegan Beer Options

While Vagabond is a shining example of vegan beer, it is part of a larger tapestry of ethical beer choices. Many breweries have followed suit, brewing concoctions that fervently observe vegan principles. The proliferation of these offerings shows a collective industry shift, broadening the horizons for those who’ve long sought alcoholic beverages that bear the vegan seal of approval.

  • Commitment to cruelty-free brewing processes
  • Rise in availability of beers free from animal by-products
  • Increased transparency in labelling to inform ethical decisions

As such, Vagabond exemplifies a move towards a future where one need not compromise taste for principle, making it easier for beer lovers to toast to a kinder world.

Packaging and Product Information

The attention BrewDog lavishes on its Vagabond Gluten Free Beer goes beyond the brewing process, revealing itself in comprehensive gluten free beer details that foster consumer confidence and convey the brand’s commitment to transparency. Vagabond packaging has been meticulously crafted, from the barcode specifics to the individual bottle sizes and their recognisable crown cap closures, ensuring that every aspect of the product’s physical presentation is as thoughtful as the beer within.

BrewDog product information is not only found on the labels but is also readily available on their website. They passionately cater to those requiring gluten free drinks, clearly highlighting ingredients, nutritional facts, and the innovative brewing process that guarantees a truly gluten free experience. Each product label is a testament to BrewDog’s ethos, exemplifying their focus on the needs of the customer by ensuring everything one needs to know about what they are drinking is at their fingertips.

  • Specific barcodes for easy identification and purchase
  • Clearly labelled bottle sizes to suit individual preferences and needs
  • Distinct crown cap closures as a hallmark of quality
  • Thoroughly detailed labels providing insights into the beer’s brewing journey

This scrupulous approach to packaging enables those with dietary restrictions to enjoy a pint with peace of mind, knowing the drink aligns perfectly with their lifestyle choices. BrewDog’s Vagabond Gluten Free Beer not only stands out in taste but also in the way it presents itself to the world, promising quality and clarity from the very first glance.


As we draw to a close on the exploration of Vagabond Gluten Free Beer, it is clear that BrewDog has furnished the craft beer market with an exceptional brew that caters to the gluten free lifestyle. The intricate blend of flavours, tailored to meet the highest standards of gluten free integrity, has earned Vagabond a revered spot among beer aficionados. The resounding customer satisfaction is a testament to the beer’s ability to deliver a superior drinking experience without the presence of gluten.

The cessation of its active production has not dampened the influence Vagabond has on the craft beer domain. By pioneering such a beloved option, BrewDog has set a standard for others to follow, cultivating an environment where taste and dietary necessity coexist harmoniously. For those who partake, the essence of craft beer enjoyment remains uncompromised, as the legacy of Vagabond persists, heralding an inclusive future for beer lovers far and wide.

The Vagabond beer summary is one of triumph, institutionalising the notion that a gluten free alternative need not be insipid or lacking in character. As we reflect on Vagabond’s journey, it stands as a luminary instance of BrewDog’s dedication to inclusivity and a fervent commitment to the craft. For many, it will continue to symbolise the vivacious spirit of a gluten free lifestyle embraced within the vibrant tapestry of the craft beer world.


What is Vagabond Gluten Free Beer?

Vagabond Gluten Free Beer is a pale ale produced by BrewDog that contains less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, meeting health standards for a ‘gluten free’ claim. It is a well-balanced, hop-forward craft beer that is brewed to accommodate individuals with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity without compromising on taste.

How is Vagabond Gluten Free Beer brewed?

Vagabond is brewed using 100% malted barley and the finest American hop varieties. The gluten is removed through a special enzymatic process, allowing this beer to meet the health standards for those following gluten free diets. It is proudly produced in the United Kingdom, utilising the pure Scottish water in its brewing process.

Is Vagabond Beer suitable for vegans?

Yes, Vagabond Gluten Free Beer aligns with vegan choices, providing a beverage option for those who follow ethical dietary preferences. BrewDog’s commitment to inclusivity means they offer beers that are both gluten free and vegan-friendly.

Where can I find gluten free beer near me?

Though Vagabond Gluten Free Beer may not be in active production anymore, it was widely available in supermarkets and select pubs and bars. For current gluten free beer options, you can usually find them at various retailers both online and in-store. It is advisable to inquire with local stockists or search online platforms for availability.

Are there any other gluten free beer brands to consider?

Besides Vagabond from BrewDog, there are other gluten free beer brands in the market that include Free From Brewing Company, Skinny Lager, and Jubel Beer, amongst others. These brands offer a range of flavour profiles and adhere to gluten free standards, providing alternatives for consumer preference.

What are the flavour notes found in Vagabond Gluten Free Beer?

Vagabond offers an aromatic hoppy bouquet with notes of tropical fruits, pine resin, and grapefruit. The palette experiences a blend of bitter pine and zesty grapefruit flavours, balanced by a caramel malt base. It leaves a persistently piney hop aftertaste, marking its signature finish.

What should I look for in terms of packaging and product information for gluten free beer?

When selecting a gluten free beer, look for packaging that includes specific barcodes, bottle sizes, and distinct crown cap closures that indicate it has been produced for gluten sensitive consumers. Also, check the product information for details on ingredients, brewing process, and confirmation of gluten content to ensure it meets your dietary needs.

How does Vagabond’s gluten content compare to the safety standards set by Coeliac UK?

Vagabond Gluten Free Beer adheres to the ‘gluten free’ labelling requirements mandated in the UK, which means it contains less than 20ppm of gluten. BrewDog rigorously tests each batch to ensure compliance with Coeliac UK regulations, offering a safe option for those with coeliac disease.

Can you recommend any gluten free alcohol options besides beer?

Absolutely, there are a variety of gluten free alcohol options available including cider, wine, and spirits like vodka, gin, and rum – provided they have not been flavoured or modified with ingredients containing gluten. Always check the labelling to ensure they comply with gluten free standards.

What are the calorie and nutritional factors in Vagabond Gluten Free Beer?

BrewDog has aimed to create a lower gluten and tasteful option with Vagabond Gluten Free Beer, though exact calorie counts may vary. For those explicitly looking for low-calorie options, Skinny Lager is another beer on the market that focuses on providing a reduced-calorie drinking experience for health-conscious consumers.

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