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Kona Beer Gluten-Free Options

Gluten Free beer reviews

Kona Brewing Co. understands the importance of providing gluten-free options for individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Not only do they offer a range of delicious gluten-free beers, but they also prioritize environmental sustainability, making them a standout craft beer brand in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kona Brewing Co. offers a variety of gluten-free beer options for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
  • The brewery is committed to environmental sustainability and is known for its progressive environmental practices.
  • Kona Light, a lower calorie and lower carb beer, is a popular choice among gluten-free beer enthusiasts.
  • The gluten-free menu at Kona Brewing Co. may have limited options, but the refreshing taste of Kona Light makes it a worthy choice.
  • Order a case of Kona Light to enjoy the taste of Hawaii in your own backyard.

Kona Brewing Co.: A Commitment to Sustainability

Kona Brewing Co. is more than just a craft beer brand. It was founded in 1994 by a passionate father and son team who aimed to capture the essence of Hawaii in every sip. As the company grew, so did their dedication to progressive environmentalism and a strong environmental conscience.

At their Big Island brew pub, Kona Brewing Co. implements sustainable practices that go beyond the norm. They take pride in transforming spent grain into homemade pizza crust, minimizing waste and maximizing flavor. Additionally, they utilize air-conditioner run-off to water their vegetable gardens, reducing water consumption and supporting local produce.

Kona Brewing Co. values the power of the sun and plans to harness it for their overall energy needs. They are in the process of installing a solar-plus-battery storage system, which will allow them to derive 25% of their power from the abundant Hawaiian sunshine. This progressive step towards renewable energy shows their dedication to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.

Take a Brewery Tour

If you’re intrigued by Kona Brewing Co.’s commitment to sustainability, you can experience it firsthand by taking a brewery tour. Embark on a guided exploration of their brewing facility and witness the eco-friendly practices implemented throughout the production process. Gain insights into their unique approach to craft beer and deepen your understanding of their environmental conscience.

During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see the transformation of spent grain into delicious food, observe the natural irrigation system through air-conditioner run-off, and learn about their plans for the future with solar energy. Immerse yourself in the story of Kona Brewing Co.’s sustainability journey and discover how you can incorporate these practices into your own life.

Kona Brewing Co. Sustainability

With Kona Brewing Co., you can enjoy a refreshing beer while also supporting a brand that values environmental sustainability. Their commitment to progressive environmentalism sets them apart and highlights their dedication to creating a better future for both craft beer enthusiasts and the planet.

Kona Light: A Taste of Island Life

Kona Light beer brings the vibrant flavors of island life to your glass. With its golden hue and light body, it embodies the essence of tropical paradise. Made with care and precision by Kona Brewing Co., this refreshing light beer is perfect for those seeking a delightful, low-calorie beverage that captures the spirit of the islands.

Kona Light beer

Indulge in a golden moment with each sip of Kona Light, as it delivers a smooth and easy-drinking profile. The unique combination of Millennium, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops infuses the beer with intriguing flavors that excite the palate. To enhance the tropical experience, Kona Brewing Co. adds real mango fruit, giving this light beer a juicy and exotic taste.

One of the notable features of Kona Light is its gluten-free composition. It allows individuals with gluten intolerance the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing brew without compromising their dietary needs. Whether you have celiac disease or simply prefer a gluten-free lifestyle, Kona Light offers a wide appeal for all beer enthusiasts.

Pair Kona Light with lighter fare to create the perfect culinary union. Its light and crisp nature complements dishes such as fresh fish, succulent shrimp, and crisp salads. Immerse yourself in the island life and savor the harmonious marriage between Kona Light and your favorite meals.

The Benefits of Kona Light

Kona Light is the ideal choice for those watching their waistlines. With only 99 calories and 3.15g of carbs per 4.2% ABV bottle, it is remarkably low in calories and carbs compared to other beers. It contains 0g of sugar, is gluten-free, and is suitable for a vegan diet. Choosing Kona Light allows you to enjoy a refreshing beer without compromising your dietary preferences or goals.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, finding a beer that aligns with your dietary needs can be a challenge. Many beers are packed with calories, carbs, and sugar. However, Kona Light provides a delicious solution. With just 99 calories, it is significantly lower in calories than most regular beers on the market. The low carbohydrate content of 3.15g per bottle makes it an excellent choice for those following a low-carb or keto diet.

Not only is Kona Light a lower calorie and lower carb beer, but it is also gluten-free. For individuals with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease, finding gluten-free beer options can be a daunting task. However, Kona Light offers a refreshing and enjoyable beer experience without the worry of gluten. It is brewed using gluten-free ingredients and undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure it meets the standards for gluten-free products.

In addition to being gluten-free, Kona Light is also suitable for vegans. It does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, making it a perfect choice for those following a vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re enjoying a beer with friends at a bar or hosting a backyard barbecue, you can feel confident in offering Kona Light to guests with different dietary preferences.

To top it off, Kona Light is infused with the tropical flavors of Hawaii, providing a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience. The beer combines the unique taste of Millennium, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops with real mango fruit to create a juicy and tropical flavor profile. Each sip of Kona Light transports you to a sunny beach, allowing you to enjoy a taste of island life wherever you are.

Kona Light

What Customers Say About Kona Brewing Co.

When it comes to the gluten-free menu options at Kona Brewing Co., customers have expressed mixed reviews. While some reviewers appreciate the inclusion of gluten-free beer and a few other dishes, others report limited choices beyond salads and nachos. It’s worth noting that the brewery aims to be celiac friendly, and the staff is generally accommodating. However, there is a possibility of cross-contamination, so individuals with severe gluten intolerance or celiac disease may want to exercise caution when dining at Kona Brewing Co.

Kona Light: Bring a Taste of Hawaii Home

If you can’t make it to Hawaii, you can still enjoy the taste of Kona Light in the comfort of your own home. With DrinkWell, you can order a case of 12 x 355ml bottles of Kona Light for £29.99. With the prospect of a more sociable summer on the horizon, why not stock up on this lower calorie light beer to share with friends and bring a taste of Hawaii to your own backyard?

buy Kona Light

When it comes to enjoying the laid-back vibes of Hawaii, Kona Light is the perfect companion. This refreshing light beer is known for its tropical flavors and lower calorie content, making it a popular choice for those seeking a thirst-quenching beverage without the guilt. With its golden hue and smooth profile, Kona Light captures the essence of island life, transporting you to a sunny beach with every sip.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, relaxing by the pool, or simply unwinding after a long day, Kona Light is the ideal choice. Its lower calorie content allows you to indulge in a few extra sips without worrying about compromising your fitness goals. Plus, its gluten-free and vegan-friendly qualities ensure that everyone can enjoy its refreshing taste, no matter their dietary preferences.

Convenient Delivery and Great Value

Ordering Kona Light from DrinkWell is easy and convenient. Simply visit their website, select the Kona Light 12-pack, and proceed to checkout. With their reliable delivery service, you can expect your case of Kona Light to arrive promptly at your doorstep. Say goodbye to rushing to the store or lugging heavy boxes – DrinkWell makes it effortless to stock up on your favorite beer.

In addition to the convenience, ordering Kona Light from DrinkWell offers great value for money. At just £29.99 for a case of 12 bottles, you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of Hawaii without breaking the bank. So why not gather your friends, fire up the grill, and create unforgettable memories as you savor the tropical flavours of Kona Light?

Experience the Taste of Kona Light Today

Bringing a taste of Hawaii home has never been easier. With Kona Light, you can enjoy the tropical flavors and refreshing profile of this lower calorie beer at your leisure. Order your case of Kona Light from DrinkWell and get ready to transport your taste buds to the sunny shores of Hawaii. Cheers to good times and great beer!


Kona Brewing Co. takes pride in offering gluten-free menu options, catering to individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The brewery is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, making it a top choice for eco-conscious beer enthusiasts. One notable gluten-free beer option from Kona Brewing Co. is their popular Kona Light, which not only delivers on taste but also boasts lower calorie content.

Kona Light, with its tropical flavors and golden hue, captures the essence of island life in every sip. Crafted with utmost care, this gluten-free beer option is perfect for those seeking a refreshing and indulgent experience. While the gluten-free menu at Kona Brewing Co. may have limited choices, the availability of Kona Light makes it a standout option for those looking for a beer without gluten.

Whether you’re a health-conscious individual or simply someone who enjoys a quality brew, Kona Light offers the best of both worlds. With its lower calorie content and gluten-free nature, you can sip on this delightful beer with confidence and satisfaction. Kona Brewing Co.’s dedication to quality and sustainability shines through in every aspect, making them a brand to trust for your gluten-free beer options.


Is Kona Beer gluten-free?

Yes, Kona Brewing Co. offers gluten-free menu options, including gluten-free beer, for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

What makes Kona Brewing Co. stand out?

Kona Brewing Co. is not only known for its gluten-free options but also for its commitment to progressive environmentalism and sustainable practices.

What is Kona Light?

Kona Light is a light beer with a golden hue that captures the essence of island life. It has a smooth and easy-drinking profile with tropical flavors and is gluten-free.

How many calories and carbs are in Kona Light?

Kona Light contains only 99 calories and 3.15g of carbs per 4.2% ABV bottle, making it a lower calorie and lower carb option compared to other beers.

Is Kona Light suitable for a vegan diet?

Yes, Kona Light is suitable for a vegan diet as it contains no animal-derived ingredients.

What do customers say about Kona Brewing Co.?

Customers have mixed reviews about the gluten-free menu options at Kona Brewing Co. Some appreciate the gluten-free beer and a few other dishes, while others mention limited choices beyond salads and nachos.

Can I buy Kona Light for home delivery?

Yes, you can order a case of 12 x 355ml bottles of Kona Light for £29.99 through DrinkWell and enjoy the taste of Hawaii at home.

Are there other gluten-free beer options available?

Yes, Kona Light is just one of the gluten-free beer options offered by Kona Brewing Co. You can explore their range to find the best option for your taste.

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