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Is Bellfield beer gluten free?

Is X beer Gluten Free?

Bellfield beer is known for being gluten-free. Founded by two friends who are both Coeliac, they wanted to create tasty gluten-free beers. Bellfield carefully selects low gluten barley malt and uses other non-gluten containing ingredients such as maize and buckwheat in their brewing process. They also add an enzyme called Clarex to clarify the beers and improve their stability and shelf life. Bellfield’s beers are routinely tested for gluten and are certified gluten-free, with levels below 10ppm. Their gluten-free beers have received awards in mainstream competitions and are enjoyed by craft beer drinkers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bellfield beer is gluten-free and suitable for Coeliacs.
  • The beers are made with low gluten barley malt and other non-gluten containing ingredients.
  • They are certified gluten-free with levels below 10ppm.
  • Bellfield’s gluten-free beers have won awards and are popular among craft beer enthusiasts.
  • Their range of gluten-free beers caters to different tastes and preferences.

Bellfield’s Range of Gluten-Free Beers

Bellfield offers a wide selection of delicious gluten-free beers to cater to the growing demand for craft beer enthusiasts with gluten sensitivities. Their range includes:

  • Lawless Village IPA
  • Bohemian Pilsner
  • Craft Lager
  • Session Ale
  • Jex-Blake Mosaic IPA
  • Mega City IPA
  • Eighty Shilling
  • Daft Days Porter
  • Märzen Festival Lager
  • Fire Island IPA
  • Ship’s Bell Dry Hopped Lager

These gluten-free beers are expertly brewed with high standards of taste and quality. Bellfield uses carefully selected ingredients and brewing techniques to ensure that each beer delivers a rich and satisfying craft beer experience. These beers are available for purchase in convenient 12-can packs on Bellfield’s website. In addition to individual cans, Bellfield also offers mini kegs, mixed cases, and gift boxes, making it easier for customers to enjoy their favorite gluten-free beers.

bellfield gluten free beer

Whether you’re a fan of IPAs, lagers, or porters, Bellfield has a gluten-free beer to suit every taste. Discover the wide range of options and indulge in the world of gluten-free craft beer with Bellfield.

Bellfield’s Taproom and Brewery Tours

In August 2019, Bellfield opened a Taproom right next to their brewery in Abbeyhill, Edinburgh. This charming Taproom has quickly become a popular destination for craft beer lovers in the city. It offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors to enjoy Bellfield’s extensive range of gluten-free beers.

The Taproom is not just a place for beer enthusiasts; it’s also a family-friendly and dog-friendly space. So, bring your loved ones and furry friends along as you explore the diverse selection of gluten-free beers that Bellfield has to offer.

When visiting the Taproom, don’t forget to indulge in the vibrant and relaxing Beer Garden. This all-weather outdoor space provides the perfect setting for safe and socially distanced gatherings. Whether you’re basking in the summer sun or cozying up by the fire pits in winter, the Beer Garden is a delightful spot to enjoy a refreshing pint of Bellfield’s gluten-free beer.

Before the restrictions brought about by Covid-19, Bellfield also offered captivating brewery tours and tastings. These experiences allowed beer enthusiasts to delve into the art of gluten-free brewing and gain insights into Bellfield’s meticulous crafting process. As we look forward to a safer future, Bellfield aims to resume these engaging tours and share their passion for gluten-free beer with visitors once again.

bellfield gluten free beer

The combination of the Taproom, Beer Garden, and the promise of brewery tours create an inviting and exciting experience for locals and tourists alike. Craft beer enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of gluten-free brewing while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and delicious beer selection at Bellfield’s Taproom in Edinburgh.

Bellfield Merchandise and Accessories

In addition to their gluten-free beers, Bellfield offers a range of merchandise and accessories to enhance your craft beer experience. Show your support for Bellfield and enjoy their gluten-free beer in style with a variety of unique items available for purchase.

Bellfield Socks

Step up your fashion game with Bellfield-branded socks. These comfortable and stylish socks are the perfect way to show off your love for gluten-free beer while keeping your feet cozy and fashionable.

Hoppy Christmas Gift Box

Spread the holiday cheer with the Hoppy Christmas Gift Box. This festive box includes a selection of Bellfield’s finest gluten-free beers, perfect for sharing and celebrating the season with friends and family.

Lager Wonderland Gift Box

Enter a Lager Wonderland with this gift box that brings you the best of Bellfield’s gluten-free lagers. Indulge in the crisp and refreshing flavors of their craft lagers, and experience a taste journey like no other.

Harmony Glasses

Elevate your beer-drinking experience with Bellfield Harmony Glasses. These stylish and elegant glasses are specially designed to enhance the aroma and flavors of your gluten-free beer, allowing you to savor every sip.

Can Koozie

Keep your gluten-free beer cold and refreshing with the Bellfield Can Koozie. This insulating sleeve fits snugly around your can, providing insulation and preventing condensation, so you can enjoy your beer at the perfect temperature.

Bellfield T-shirts

Show off your Bellfield pride with their range of branded t-shirts. These high-quality, comfortable shirts are available in various designs and sizes, allowing you to express your love for gluten-free beer wherever you go.

Tote Bags

Carry your belongings in style with Bellfield Tote Bags. These spacious and durable bags feature the Bellfield logo and are perfect for grocery shopping, picnics, or any other daily activities. Stay eco-friendly while showcasing your support for gluten-free beer.

Dog Lead

Even your furry friend can join in on the Bellfield fun with their branded Dog Lead. Take your dog for a walk in style and let them show off their support for gluten-free brewing.

Insulated Water Bottles

Stay hydrated while on the go with Bellfield’s Insulated Water Bottles. These sleek and practical bottles keep your drinks cold or hot, allowing you to enjoy your gluten-free beer or any other beverage of your choice throughout the day.

bellfield gluten free beer merchandise center

Bellfield’s Commitment to Quality and Sponsoring Events

Bellfield Brewery is dedicated to ensuring the quality and safety of their gluten-free beers. Complying with Coeliac UK’s regulations, they prioritize producing beers that can be enjoyed by individuals with coeliac disease. To guarantee the gluten-free status, Bellfield consistently tests their beers using the industry standard R5 Competitive ELISA test, which confirms that the gluten levels remain below 10ppm. This commitment to quality assurance ensures that customers can confidently indulge in Bellfield’s gluten-free beer.

Bellfield Brewery also takes great pride in its involvement in sponsoring events and making donations. Believing in the power of community and supporting local initiatives, they actively seek opportunities to contribute to meaningful events. If you or your organization is interested in sponsorship or collaborations with Bellfield, please reach out to them at

bellfield gluten free beer

Bellfield’s dedication to quality and sponsorship exemplifies their commitment to the craft beer industry and their community. By maintaining rigorous quality control measures and actively participating in events, Bellfield Brewery has established itself as a trusted brand and a champion of gluten-free beer.


Bellfield Brewery has successfully filled a gap in the market by providing a wide range of high-quality, gluten-free craft beers. With their commitment to taste, quality, and innovation, Bellfield has become the go-to choice for craft beer enthusiasts in the UK seeking gluten-free options.

Whether you’re visiting their welcoming Taproom in Edinburgh or ordering their beers online, Bellfield offers a satisfying craft beer experience for those with gluten sensitivities or dietary preferences. Their range of gluten-free beers, including Lawless Village IPA, Bohemian Pilsner, and Craft Lager, has received recognition and awards in the industry, cementing their reputation as leaders in the field.

Craft beer lovers can now rejoice, knowing that they can enjoy delicious gluten-free drinks without compromising on taste. Bellfield’s dedication to producing high-quality gluten-free beers has revolutionized the craft beer scene in the UK. So raise a glass and savour the flavours of Bellfield’s gluten-free craft beers, and discover a whole world of taste and innovation in every sip.


Is Bellfield beer gluten free?

Yes, Bellfield beer is gluten free. It is carefully brewed using low gluten barley malt and other non-gluten containing ingredients such as maize and buckwheat. Bellfield’s beers are certified gluten-free, with levels below 10ppm.

What are the different varieties of gluten-free beers offered by Bellfield?

Bellfield offers a range of gluten-free beers, including Lawless Village IPA, Bohemian Pilsner, Craft Lager, Session Ale, Jex-Blake Mosaic IPA, Mega City IPA, Eighty Shilling, Daft Days Porter, Märzen Festival Lager, Fire Island IPA, and Ship’s Bell Dry Hopped Lager.

Where can I purchase Bellfield’s gluten-free beers?

You can purchase Bellfield’s gluten-free beers on their website. They offer 12-can packs, mini kegs, mixed cases, and gift boxes.

Does Bellfield have a Taproom and Brewery Tours?

Yes, Bellfield opened a Taproom next to their brewery in Abbeyhill, Edinburgh. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, brewery tours and tastings are currently unavailable. However, the Taproom is a popular destination for craft beer lovers and offers a variety of gluten-free beers.

What merchandise and accessories does Bellfield offer?

Bellfield offers a range of merchandise and accessories, including Bellfield Socks, Hoppy Christmas Gift Box, Lager Wonderland Gift Box, Harmony Glasses, Can Koozie, Bellfield T-shirts, Tote Bags, Dog Lead, and Insulated Water Bottles. These items are available for purchase through their online shop.

How does Bellfield ensure the quality of their gluten-free beers?

Bellfield takes the testing and quality assurance of their gluten-free beers seriously. They comply with Coeliac UK’s regulations and routinely test their beers for gluten using the R5 Competitive ELISA test. Results consistently show levels below 10ppm.

Does Bellfield sponsor events?

Yes, Bellfield takes pride in sponsoring events and making donations when possible. For sponsorship inquiries, individuals and organizations can reach out to Bellfield through their email:

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