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Introducing Wadworth Gluten Free Beer: A Tasty and Inclusive Option for Everyone

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Are you searching for a delicious gluten free beer that satisfies your taste buds and dietary preferences? Look no further than Wadworth Gluten Free Beer. With a wide range of options and a commitment to quality, Wadworth offers a selection of gluten free beers that are sure to impress.

At Wadworth, we understand the importance of providing options for those with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions. That’s why we have developed a range of gluten free beers that offer the same great taste and quality as traditional beers, without the gluten.

One of our most popular gluten free beers is the 6X Gold. This beer not only meets the strict gluten free standards but is also vegan-friendly. With a distinctive premium taste, a pleasing golden tone, and an ABV of 4.5%, 6X Gold is a beer that stands out from the crowd. Made with a combination of Caramlat, Pale Ale, and Munich malts, along with Flaked Barley and various hop varieties, it offers a unique flavor profile that is sure to impress.

Whether you’re a dedicated beer enthusiast or simply looking for a gluten free drink option, Wadworth Gluten Free Beer is the perfect choice. With its commitment to quality and taste, you can enjoy a satisfying brew that caters to your dietary needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wadworth offers a range of gluten free beers, including the popular 6X Gold.
  • 6X Gold is both gluten free and vegan, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.
  • 6X Gold has a distinct premium taste with a pleasing golden tone and an ABV of 4.5%.
  • The beer is made using a combination of Caramlat, Pale Ale, and Munich malts, with Flaked Barley and various hop varieties.
  • Wadworth Gluten Free Beer provides a flavorful and high-quality option for those seeking gluten free and vegan beers.

The Taste of 6X Gold

When it comes to gluten free beer options, 6X Gold stands out for its exceptional taste. This hoppy and refreshing ale offers a delightful blend of flavours that will satisfy even the most discerning beer connoisseur.

The journey begins with the first sip, where you’ll experience the perfect balance of sweet malt and spicy notes on your palate. The result is a harmonious combination that makes this beer truly unique.

But it doesn’t stop there. 6X Gold also delights the senses with its zesty citrus aroma, which adds a refreshing touch to every sip. The citrusy hints complement the beer’s overall flavour profile, creating a truly enjoyable drinking experience.

What makes 6X Gold even more remarkable is that it achieves all of this while being completely gluten free. It’s a testament to Wadworth’s commitment to producing high-quality beers that cater to individuals with specific dietary needs.

6X Gold taste

The image above perfectly captures the essence of 6X Gold and its taste. As you can see, it’s a beer that embodies the richness of traditional beer flavours, while still accommodating those who require gluten free options.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast looking for something hoppy and refreshing or someone with gluten-related dietary restrictions, 6X Gold delivers on both taste and quality. You won’t have to compromise on flavour when choosing this exceptional gluten free beer option.


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      Awards and Accolades

      6X Gold, known for its exceptional quality and taste, has garnered several prestigious awards and certifications. These accolades are a testament to the beer’s commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver a remarkable gluten-free experience.

      Taste of the West Awards:

      • Gold Award – Best Gluten Free Beer Category

      International Beer Challenge:

      • Bronze Medal – Gluten Free Beer Category

      Coeliac UK Certification:

      The beer has obtained the esteemed certification from Coeliac UK, an organization that ensures gluten-free products adhere to the strictest standards. This certification confirms that 6X Gold meets the stringent requirements for gluten-free beer, providing peace of mind to individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

      These recognitions and certifications solidify 6X Gold’s position as a top-quality gluten-free beer in the market. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or someone looking for gluten-free options, 6X Gold’s awards and certifications speak volumes about its outstanding taste and commitment to excellence.

      Food Pairings

      6X Gold is a versatile beer that pairs well with a variety of foods. Whether you’re enjoying a meal seasoned with jerk spices or indulging in a delicious dessert, this gluten-free beer enhances the flavors and creates a harmonious taste experience.

      When it comes to savory dishes, 6X Gold complements ingredients seasoned with jerk spices. The hoppy notes of the beer beautifully enhance the bold flavors of dishes like jerk chicken, jerk salmon, or even jerk tofu. The refreshing qualities of the beer help balance out the spiciness, creating a delightful contrast on the palate.

      If you’re a fan of seafood, 6X Gold is an excellent choice to pair with oily fish. The hoppy flavors of the beer cut through the richness of fish like salmon or mackerel, bringing out the natural flavors and adding a hoppy twist to every bite. The combination of the beer’s refreshing qualities and the oily fish creates a dynamic and enjoyable taste combination.

      No meal is complete without dessert, and 6X Gold is no exception. This gluten-free beer pairs wonderfully with desserts featuring banana cake and ginger-based flavors. The sweetness of the banana cake complements the hoppy taste of the beer, while the ginger-based desserts add a delightful spice kick that harmonizes with the beer’s natural flavors.

      So, whether you’re planning a dinner party or simply enjoying a meal at home, consider serving 6X Gold alongside your favorite jerk-spiced dish or indulge in a slice of banana cake or a ginger-based dessert. The combination of these flavors will elevate your dining experience and create a memorable taste sensation.

      6X Gold food pairings

      A perfect balance of flavors

      One of the reasons 6X Gold is such a versatile beer when it comes to food pairings is its unique taste profile. With hoppy and refreshing notes, it blends perfectly with a variety of flavors, enhancing the overall dining experience.

      The hoppy flavors of 6X Gold provide a refreshing counterpoint to the bold jerk spices, while its aroma adds an extra layer of complexity. The hop bitterness and sweetness of the malt also complement the richness of oily fish, creating a harmonious combination.

      In the world of desserts, the hoppy taste of 6X Gold enhances the sweetness of banana cake, creating a balanced and satisfying treat. The ginger-based desserts, on the other hand, benefit from the beer’s natural spiciness, resulting in a delightful fusion of flavors.

      Next time you’re planning your menu, don’t forget to include 6X Gold as the perfect companion for your favorite dishes. Whether it’s jerk-spiced delicacies, oily fish, or ginger-infused desserts, this gluten-free beer adds a touch of elegance and taste to your culinary creations.

      Unlocking the true potential

      6X Gold’s food pairings go beyond the ordinary, transforming ordinary meals into extraordinary dining experiences. Let the distinctive flavors of the beer enhance your taste buds and take your meals to the next level.

      Pairing jerk-spiced dishes with 6X Gold creates a flavor explosion in your mouth, as the hoppy beer accentuates the spices and brings out their full potential. The richness of oily fish, when paired with this gluten-free beer, becomes an unforgettable combination of flavors and textures.

      And for those with a sweet tooth, indulge in the perfect union of banana cake and 6X Gold, as the beer enhances the sweetness and adds a refreshing twist. Ginger-based desserts, on the other hand, get a delightful kick from the beer’s hoppy qualities, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

      The versatility of 6X Gold makes it the ideal choice for any occasion. So go ahead, experiment with different food pairings, and unlock the true potential of this exceptional gluten-free beer.

      Going Vegan

      Wadworth has responded to the increasing demand for vegan products alongside gluten free options by expanding the “free from” credentials of their renowned 6X Gold beer. Now, not only is it gluten free, but it is also vegan-friendly. The brewing process has been carefully modified to replace isinglass finings with a silicate and polysaccharide finings agent, ensuring that the beer is suitable for vegans.

      This exciting development allows beer enthusiasts, whether they follow a gluten free or vegan diet, to enjoy the delightful flavors of 6X Gold without any compromise. By making this beer both gluten free and vegan, Wadworth is catering to a wider audience and demonstrating their commitment to creating inclusive and delicious brews.

      So, if you’re looking for a gluten free and vegan beer, look no further than Wadworth’s 6X Gold. Indulge in the satisfying taste of this award-winning beer that has been carefully crafted to meet your dietary needs.

      And now, let’s take a moment to admire the beauty of 6X Gold in the image below:

      Wadworth gluten free beer vegan

      Next, we’ll explore the availability and purchasing options for this exceptional gluten free and vegan beer. Stay tuned!

      Availability and Purchase

      6X Gold, the gluten-free and vegan beer from Wadworth, is readily available for purchase in the South West of England. Whether you prefer shopping online or visiting physical stores, there are convenient options to satisfy your beer cravings.

      Purchase Online

      If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, you can buy Wadworth’s gluten-free beer directly from their online shop. Simply visit their website, browse their selection of beers, and add 6X Gold to your cart. With just a few clicks, you can have this refreshing and gluten-free beer delivered right to your doorstep.

      Buy Wadworth gluten free beer

      Shop at Tesco Stores

      For those who enjoy browsing the aisles and experiencing the excitement of in-person shopping, you can find 6X Gold in select Tesco stores in the South West of England. Tesco is known for offering a wide range of products, and now they have made it even easier to find this delicious gluten-free and vegan beer.

      South West of England Exclusive

      Although availability may vary, Wadworth ensures that customers in the South West region can enjoy their gluten-free 6X Gold beer with ease. So whether you’re enjoying a night in or planning a gathering with friends, be sure to stock up on this irresistible gluten-free beer.

      Customer Reviews and Ratings

      6X Gold, Wadworth’s gluten free beer, has been met with rave reviews and high ratings from satisfied customers. The unique taste and gluten free status of this beer have impressed beer enthusiasts and those seeking gluten free options alike.

      Customers have praised the exceptional flavor and quality of 6X Gold, highlighting its ability to deliver a satisfying beer experience without compromising on dietary restrictions. The beer’s distinctive taste sets it apart from other gluten free options on the market, making it a popular choice among beer lovers.

      With its balanced blend of hoppy and refreshing flavors, 6X Gold has gained a loyal following. Customers appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes into brewing this gluten free beer, resulting in an enjoyable drinking experience.

      What Customers Are Saying:

      • 6X Gold is a game-changer for those of us with gluten sensitivities. The flavor is top-notch and rivals any traditional beer.” – Sarah M.
      • I’ve tried numerous gluten free beers, and 6X Gold is by far the best. It’s refreshing and has a depth of flavor that’s hard to find in gluten free options.” – David W.
      • As a beer enthusiast who can’t have gluten, finding a beer like 6X Gold has been a game-changer. The taste is exceptional, and I love that it’s gluten free.” – Emma P.

      Customers have consistently praised the quality and taste of 6X Gold, making it a highly recommended choice for those seeking a gluten free and satisfying beer experience.

      Wadworth gluten free beer reviews


      Wadworth’s gluten free beer, particularly the 6X Gold variety, provides a satisfying and high-quality option for individuals seeking both gluten free and vegan beer choices. With its refreshing and hoppy taste, this beer has not only gained recognition from various awards and certifications but has also garnered a significant following among beer enthusiasts in the United Kingdom.

      For those who appreciate a good brew and have specific dietary needs, Wadworth’s gluten free beer is definitely worth a try. Whether you’re a beer lover or following a gluten free and vegan lifestyle, 6X Gold offers a unique and enjoyable drinking experience that surpasses expectations, without compromising on flavor.

      So, if you’re in search of a gluten free beer that satisfies both your taste buds and dietary requirements, look no further than Wadworth’s gluten free 6X Gold. Indulge in a pint of this premium beer and experience the rich flavor and quality that comes with every sip. Cheers to enjoying a delicious brew that caters to all!


      Is Wadworth Gluten Free Beer suitable for vegans?

      Yes, Wadworth offers a range of gluten free beers, including their popular 6X Gold, which is both gluten free and vegan.

      What is the taste profile of 6X Gold?

      6X Gold offers a hoppy and refreshing flavor profile, with a balance of sweet malt and spicy notes on the palate, accompanied by a zesty citrus aroma.

      Has 6X Gold received any awards?

      Yes, 6X Gold has received recognition with awards such as the Taste of the West and Bronze at the International Beer Challenge. It is also fully certified by Coeliac UK.

      What foods pair well with 6X Gold?

      6X Gold pairs well with dishes seasoned with jerk spices, such as chicken, salmon, or tofu. It also complements oily fish and goes well with banana cake and sweet ginger-based desserts.

      Is Wadworth Gluten Free Beer vegan-friendly?

      Yes, Wadworth has made their 6X Gold beer vegan-friendly by modifying the brewing process to replace isinglass finings with a silicate and polysaccharide finings agent.

      Where can I purchase Wadworth Gluten Free Beer?

      Wadworth’s 6X Gold beer can be purchased online from the Wadworth online shop. It is also available in select Tesco stores in the South West of England.

      What do customers say about 6X Gold?

      Customers have given positive reviews and ratings for 6X Gold, praising its flavor, quality, and unique taste. It has gained a significant following among beer enthusiasts and those seeking gluten free options.

      Should I try Wadworth Gluten Free Beer?

      Absolutely! Wadworth’s gluten free beer, particularly the 6X Gold variety, offers a flavorful and high-quality option for those looking for gluten free and vegan beers. Enjoy a satisfying brew without compromising on flavor.

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