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In recent years, the popularity of gluten free beer has increased, and Munich has become a hub for crafting these delicious brews. Breweries in Munich are offering a wide range of gluten free options, including lagers, pale ales, and pilsners. Whether you’re a beer lover with dietary restrictions or simply looking to explore new flavors, here is a guide to the various gluten free beer styles available in Munich.

Key Takeaways:

  • Munich is a destination for gluten free beer enthusiasts, offering a variety of styles and flavors.
  • Breweries in Munich craft gluten free lagers, pale ales, and pilsners.
  • Gluten free beer in Munich rivals traditional beers in taste and craftsmanship.
  • Explore the world of gluten free beer in Munich and find your perfect pint.
  • Enjoy the diverse range of gluten free beer options available in Munich.

The Rise of Gluten Free Lager in Munich

Lager is a popular style of beer worldwide, and the gluten free beer market is no exception. In Munich, breweries like TWØBAYS and White Bay Brewery have been producing award-winning gluten free lagers. These beers are brewed using gluten free grains such as rice and millet, creating a light and refreshing flavor profile. The technical challenges of brewing a gluten free lager make it a true test of a brewer’s skill, but the results are well worth it.

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Gluten free lagers from Munich offer the perfect blend of craftsmanship and taste. Breweries like TWØBAYS and White Bay Brewery have perfected the art of producing gluten free lagers, providing beer lovers with a fantastic alternative to traditional lagers. These breweries use high-quality gluten free grains like rice and millet during the brewing process, resulting in a light and refreshing flavor that lager enthusiasts will appreciate.

Brewing gluten free lagers poses unique challenges for brewers. The absence of gluten in the brewing process requires precision and expertise to ensure the beer’s quality and taste. However, the effort is well worth it, as gluten free lagers from Munich consistently win awards and receive praise from beer enthusiasts around the world. The dedication of breweries in Munich to mastering the craft of gluten free brewing is evident in each sip of their lagers.

Whether you have dietary restrictions or simply enjoy exploring new craft beer options, gluten free lagers from Munich are a must-try. The breweries’ commitment to producing high-quality gluten free options ensures that you can enjoy a delicious and refreshing pint without compromising on taste or quality. Raise a glass to the rise of gluten free lagers in Munich and discover the perfect brew for your next beer-drinking experience.

Exploring TWØBAYS Lager and GFB Draught

When it comes to gluten free craft beer options in Munich, TWØBAYS Brewery has gained a reputation for excellence. With a focus on creating flavorful and high-quality gluten free lagers, TWØBAYS offers two standout choices: TWØBAYS Lager and GFB Draught.

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First up, TWØBAYS Lager is a craft beer that combines subtle hop aromatics, perfectly balanced malt sweetness, and a refreshing crispness. This gluten free lager captures the essence of a traditional lager while catering to those with dietary restrictions. Its smooth and well-rounded flavor profile makes it a popular choice among beer enthusiasts looking for a gluten free option.

On the other hand, GFB Draught is a light-bodied lager with lower bitterness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a refreshing and easy-drinking experience. This gluten free craft beer is the perfect sipper for those warm summer days, offering a delightful blend of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Both TWØBAYS Lager and GFB Draught are made with gluten free grains, ensuring that those with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions can enjoy a great beer without compromise. Whether you’re seeking a craft lager with a well-balanced flavor or a light and refreshing thirst-quencher, TWØBAYS Brewery delivers on both fronts with these exceptional gluten free options.

Other Gluten Free Beer Options in Munich

In addition to TWØBAYS and White Bay Brewery, Munich is home to several other breweries that offer a diverse selection of gluten free beer options. These breweries are dedicated to crafting delicious and satisfying gluten free drinks that cater to different taste preferences. By using ingredients like sorghum and rice malts, they create easy-drinking and flavorful beers that are perfect for those following a gluten free diet.

If you’re seeking a unique beer experience, one option is the Dagala Helles-style beer. This gluten free beer offers a delightful twist with its unique orange aroma, providing a refreshing sensory experience. It’s a great choice for those looking to explore new and exciting flavors while enjoying a gluten free beverage.

Lost Pier Brewing’s Deckchair Cruiser Lagerbier is another notable option. This gluten free lager is carefully crafted to deliver a satisfying taste that rivals traditional beers. With its smooth and crisp profile, it’s perfect for those who appreciate a classic lager experience.

For those who enjoy a hop-forward beer, Magic Rock’s Fantasma IPA is an excellent choice. This gluten free IPA bursts with citrus flavors and offers a well-balanced hop kick. It’s a great option for beer enthusiasts who crave a bold and flavorful gluten free drink.

Munich truly caters to gluten free beer enthusiasts with its diverse range of options. Whether you prefer a unique aroma, a classic lager, or a hoppy IPA, there is a gluten free beer in Munich to suit every taste. So, why not explore the city’s breweries and discover your new favorite gluten free brew?

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Brewing Process and Styles of Gluten Free Beer

The brewing process for gluten free beer is similar to traditional beer, with some modifications to eliminate gluten. Brewers carefully select gluten free grains, such as rice and millet, to replace traditional barley and wheat. This ensures that individuals with gluten sensitivities can enjoy a refreshing pint without any adverse effects.

Once the gluten free grains are selected, they undergo the mashing process where enzymes convert the starches into fermentable sugars. This step is crucial in creating the foundation of the beer’s flavor profile. Afterward, the mixture is boiled with hops, which adds bitterness and aroma to the beer.

The next stage is fermentation, where yeast is added to convert the sugars into alcohol, resulting in the creation of carbon dioxide and alcohol. For gluten free lagers, the fermentation and maturation periods are typically longer than ales, allowing for a finer and more refreshing flavor. This patient and careful process helps to achieve the desired balance and complexity in the final product.

Gluten Free Beer Styles in Munich:

  • Helles: Helles is a light golden lager with a crisp and clean malt flavor. It offers a smooth and balanced taste, making it a popular style among beer enthusiasts.
  • Pilsner: Pilsner is a classic beer style known for its pale golden color and refreshing bitterness. It showcases a delicate balance of hops and malt, resulting in a clean and crisp taste.
  • Pale Ale: Pale Ale is a hop-forward beer style characterized by its prominent hop flavors and aromas. It ranges from light to medium-bodied, offering a range of bitterness levels and tropical fruit notes.

These gluten free beer styles provide a wide range of options for beer lovers in Munich. Each style has its own unique characteristics, allowing individuals to explore different flavor profiles and find their preferred gluten free beer.

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Pairing Gluten Free Beer with Food

Gluten free beer in Munich is a versatile beverage that pairs well with a wide range of foods. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at a restaurant or cooking at home, there are numerous food pairing options that can enhance your gluten free beer experience. Here are some delectable food pairing suggestions to complement your pint:

Savoury Delights

  • Appetizers: Pair your gluten free beer with crispy calamari, vegetable spring rolls, or zesty chicken wings for a delightful combination of flavors. The light and refreshing nature of gluten free lagers harmonizes perfectly with these savory appetizers.
  • Salads: A crisp and refreshing gluten free beer complements a variety of salads, including fresh garden salads, tangy Caesar salads, and vibrant Greek salads. The subtle hop aromatics of the beer add an extra layer of zing to the greens.
  • Seafood: Indulge in the wonderful pairing of gluten free beer with seafood dishes such as grilled salmon, shrimp scampi, or fish tacos. The delicate flavors of the seafood are enhanced by the light effervescence and gentle malt sweetness of the beer.

Hearty Fare

  • German Sausages: Munich is renowned for its traditional German sausages, and they make a delicious pairing with gluten free beer. Delight in the combination of flavors by enjoying a hearty bratwurst, käsekrainer, or currywurst alongside your pint.
  • Pizzas: Savor the rich and robust flavors of a freshly baked pizza while sipping on a gluten free beer. Whether you prefer a classic margherita, a spicy pepperoni, or a vegetable-packed Mediterranean pizza, the beer’s citrus and hoppy notes will complement the savory toppings.

Flavorful Feasts

  • Spicy Foods: If you enjoy spicy cuisine, pairing it with a gluten free beer can provide a delightful contrast. The hop-forward profiles of some gluten free beers balance the heat of dishes like spicy curries, tacos, or buffalo wings.
  • Munich Cuisine: To fully immerse yourself in the local culinary scene, pair your gluten free beer with traditional Munich dishes such as schnitzel, pretzels, or sauerkraut. The beer’s crispness and clean malt flavors complement the hearty and robust flavors of these Bavarian delights.

Whether you’re seeking a light and refreshing accompaniment or a bold and flavorful contrast, gluten free beer in Munich offers a wide range of pairing possibilities. Experiment with different flavors and styles to discover your perfect combination. Cheers to the wonderful world of gluten free beer and its delightful harmony with Munich cuisine!

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Munich has emerged as a destination for gluten free beer enthusiasts, offering a wide range of styles and flavors. Whether you’re searching for award-winning lagers or hop-forward IPAs, Munich breweries have crafted gluten free options that rival their traditional counterparts in taste and craftsmanship.

With a dedication to providing high-quality gluten free beer, Munich has established itself as a hub for craft beer lovers with dietary restrictions. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world of gluten free beer and discover your perfect pint in this vibrant city.

Cheers to choice! Raise your glass to the diverse range of gluten free options available in Munich, and celebrate the creativity and dedication of the breweries that have made this craft beer scene thrive. From crisp lagers to flavorful ales, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So, come and experience the gluten free beer revolution in Munich and savor the taste of true craftsmanship.


What is gluten free beer?

Gluten free beer is a type of beer that is brewed without gluten-containing grains such as barley, wheat, and rye. Instead, gluten free beers are made using alternative grains and ingredients to ensure they are safe for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

Where can I find gluten free beer in Munich?

Munich has several breweries that offer gluten free beer options. Some popular choices include TWØBAYS, White Bay Brewery, Dagala, Lost Pier Brewing, and Magic Rock. These breweries provide a range of gluten free options, including lagers, pale ales, and IPAs.

Can I find gluten free options other than lager in Munich?

Yes, Munich breweries also offer gluten free options beyond lagers. Some breweries produce gluten free Helles, Pilsner, and Pale Ale styles. These beers use gluten free grains and ingredients to create unique and flavorful alternatives for individuals with gluten intolerances.

Is the brewing process for gluten free beer different from traditional beer?

The brewing process for gluten free beer is similar to traditional beer, with some modifications to eliminate gluten. The fermentation and maturation periods for gluten free lagers are typically longer than ales, resulting in a finer and more refreshing flavor.

What types of food pair well with gluten free beer in Munich?

Gluten free beer in Munich pairs well with a variety of foods. The light and refreshing nature of gluten free lagers makes them a great accompaniment to appetizers, salads, seafood dishes, German sausages, and pizzas. The citrus and hoppy flavors of some gluten free beers also complement spicy or flavorful foods.

Are there any gluten free craft beer options in Munich?

Absolutely! TWØBAYS and other breweries in Munich offer gluten free craft beer options. TWØBAYS Lager and GFB Draught are two popular choices for gluten free craft beer lovers who prefer a traditional lager taste with subtle hop aromatics, balancing malt sweetness and crispness.

Can I find award-winning gluten free beer in Munich?

Yes, Munich is home to breweries like TWØBAYS and White Bay Brewery that have won awards for their gluten free beers. These breweries have mastered the art of brewing gluten free lagers, providing high-quality and delicious options for beer enthusiasts with dietary restrictions.

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