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Vienna offers a variety of gluten-free beer options from local breweries to craft choices. With dedicated gluten-free establishments and menus, beer lovers with dietary restrictions can enjoy a wide selection of gluten-free beers in Vienna.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vienna is a great destination for gluten-free beer lovers.
  • There are numerous local breweries and craft options for gluten-free beer in Vienna.
  • Dedicated gluten-free establishments and menus cater to individuals with dietary restrictions.
  • Exploring the gluten-free beer scene in Vienna offers a wide selection of choices.
  • Discover the best gluten-free beer Vienna has to offer by following local recommendations.

Tips for Eating Gluten-Free in Vienna

When it comes to enjoying gluten-free dining in Vienna, a bit of preparation can go a long way. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Get a German gluten-free restaurant card: Overcoming the language barrier is essential when communicating your dietary needs in Vienna. A German gluten-free restaurant card can be your lifesaver, allowing you to effectively convey your requirements to restaurant staff. This small card details your dietary restrictions in German, ensuring a smoother dining experience.

  2. Exercise caution with labeled gluten-free beers: While Vienna offers a range of gluten-free beer brands, it’s important to note that not all labeled “gluten-free” beers are completely free of gluten. Some may be gluten-removed, meaning they have undergone a process to reduce gluten content. However, these beers may not be suitable for individuals with celiac disease or severe gluten sensitivity. To be on the safe side, opt for beers from dedicated gluten-free craft beer breweries in Vienna. These breweries prioritize brewing truly gluten-free craft beers that can be enjoyed without worry.

  3. Consult reliable resources: When exploring gluten-free options in Vienna, it’s helpful to refer to trusted sources like the Austrian Celiac Association’s website. These resources provide valuable information, local recommendations, and updates on the best gluten-free beer Vienna has to offer. Take advantage of these resources to discover new beer brands and breweries that cater to gluten-free enthusiasts.

Remember, enjoying gluten-free beers in Vienna is all about being informed. By equipping yourself with a German gluten-free restaurant card, selecting the right beer brands, and consulting reliable resources, you can savor the best gluten-free beer Vienna has to offer while keeping your dietary needs in check.

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Discovering the Best Gluten-Free Beer Brands in Vienna

Vienna is home to a thriving craft beer scene, and gluten-free enthusiasts can rejoice in the availability of high-quality gluten-free craft beers. Some of the best gluten-free beer brands in Vienna include:

  • Brasserie de la Senne: Renowned for their dedication to craft brewing, Brasserie de la Senne offers a range of delicious gluten-free beers that cater to diverse palates. From rich stouts to hoppy IPAs, they have options that will satisfy every beer lover.
  • 100 Blumen: This Vienna-based brewery specializes in artisanal craft beers, including gluten-free varieties. Their gluten-free craft beers are carefully brewed to deliver unique flavors and exceptional quality, making them a hit among gluten-free beer enthusiasts.
  • Ammersin Brewery: Ammersin Brewery is known for its innovative approach to gluten-free brewing. They use alternative grains and creative techniques to produce gluten-free craft beers that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try these esteemed gluten-free beer brands when exploring Vienna’s vibrant craft beer scene.

Best Gluten-Free Restaurants and Bakeries in Vienna

Vienna is home to several gluten-free restaurants and bakeries that cater to individuals with dietary restrictions. Whether you’re looking for a hearty Austrian meal, a delicious pizza, or some mouthwatering baked goods, there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings.

Vienna gluten free brewery

If you’re in the mood for Austrian cuisine, Zum Wohl is a dedicated gluten-free restaurant that serves a variety of authentic dishes. From classic Wiener Schnitzel to traditional dumplings, you can enjoy a taste of Austria without worrying about gluten. And for pizza lovers, Pizzeria Scarabocchio is a must-visit spot known for their gluten-free pizzas made with fresh ingredients and a crispy gluten-free crust.

For those with a sweet tooth, Ausnahmsweise and GlutenFreeX are two fantastic options. Ausnahmsweise specializes in gluten-free baked goods, offering a wide selection of cakes, pastries, and bread. Similarly, GlutenFreeX is a bakery that caters exclusively to gluten-free dietary needs, ensuring you can enjoy delicious treats without any worries.

“At Zum Wohl, you can indulge in traditional Austrian dishes, all gluten-free.”

And let’s not forget about beer! If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a gluten-free beer in Vienna, Gasthaus Nestroy is the perfect spot. They have a dedicated gluten-free menu featuring delicious Austrian dishes, and their beer garden provides a charming setting to relax and enjoy your favorite brew.

With these gluten-free restaurants and bakeries, you’ll never have to compromise on taste or quality while exploring Vienna’s culinary scene. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these establishments are sure to delight your taste buds and satisfy your gluten-free cravings.

Best Hotels in Vienna for Celiacs

For celiacs visiting Vienna, it’s important to find accommodation that offers gluten-free alternatives. Hotels such as Hotel Kaiserhof, Hotel Spiess & Spiess, and Hotel Harmonie are known for their wide range of gluten-free options. These hotels provide convenience and peace of mind for celiacs who want to enjoy their stay without worrying about their dietary restrictions.

Vienna gluten free beer

If you’re a celiac traveler looking for a comfortable and accommodating stay in Vienna, these hotels have got you covered. Offering a variety of gluten-free options, including breakfast choices and on-site dining, these establishments prioritize the needs of individuals with gluten intolerance. You can start your day with a delicious gluten-free breakfast, explore Vienna’s beautiful attractions, and return to a hotel that understands your dietary preferences.

“The gluten-free options at Hotel Kaiserhof are exceptional. From gluten-free bread to pasta dishes, they never compromise on taste or quality.”

– Gluten Free Living Magazine

Hotel Kaiserhof, located in the heart of Vienna, is renowned for its dedication to providing a comfortable experience for celiacs. They offer a wide range of gluten-free dishes on their menu, ensuring that guests have delicious options for every meal. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Austrian cuisine or international flavors, you’ll find gluten-free options to satisfy your palate.

Hotel Spiess & Spiess, a boutique hotel nestled in Vienna’s historic center, goes above and beyond to cater to celiacs. Their dedicated gluten-free breakfast buffet offers a range of fresh and delicious options, including gluten-free bread, pastries, and cereals. Additionally, the hotel’s restaurant serves gluten-free dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Hotel Harmonie, located near Vienna’s famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral, is another excellent choice for celiacs. Their breakfast buffet features gluten-free bread, pastries, and a variety of gluten-free cereals. The hotel’s staff is well-trained in accommodating dietary restrictions and can cater to specific requests, providing a stress-free and enjoyable stay for celiacs.

When choosing a hotel in Vienna, it’s crucial to find one that understands and prioritizes your dietary needs. These hotels go the extra mile to ensure that celiac guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. With their wide range of gluten-free options, you can relax and indulge in the delights of Vienna without worrying about gluten.

Best Supermarkets in Vienna for Celiacs

For individuals with gluten intolerance, Vienna offers a selection of supermarkets that cater to their dietary needs. These supermarkets not only have a variety of gluten-free products but also stock gluten-free beer, ensuring that celiacs can find the best gluten-free beer Vienna has to offer. Here are some recommended options:

  1. Bäckerstraße Supermarket: Located in the heart of Vienna, Bäckerstraße Supermarket provides a wide range of gluten-free products, including gluten-free beer. With a dedicated section for gluten-free items, celiacs can easily find their favorite gluten-free beer brands in Vienna.
  2. Westbahnhof Supermarket: Situated near the Westbahnhof train station, this supermarket is a convenient spot for celiacs looking for gluten-free options. They have a dedicated gluten-free aisle that includes gluten-free beer, making it a go-to destination for gluten-free shopping in Vienna.
  3. Schottengasse Supermarket: Located in the historic city center, Schottengasse Supermarket offers a comprehensive selection of gluten-free products. Celiacs can find a variety of gluten-free beer options here, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience.

best gluten free beer Vienna

These supermarkets strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals with gluten intolerance. Whether you’re searching for the best gluten-free beer Vienna has to offer or other gluten-free products, these supermarkets are sure to meet your needs. With their convenient locations and wide range of options, celiacs can confidently embark on their grocery shopping journey in Vienna.

Must-Know German Words and Phrases for Celiacs

When visiting Vienna as a celiac, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with a few German words and phrases to navigate the local food scene effectively. By understanding these terms, you can communicate your dietary needs and discover the best gluten-free beer options in Vienna.

Important Phrases:

  • “Glutenfrei” (gluten-free) – Use this word to indicate that you require a gluten-free option when ordering food or drinks.
  • “Bier” (beer) – Knowing this term is crucial for identifying gluten-free beer options on menus or when speaking with servers.

By incorporating these key words into your conversations and inquiries, you can ensure that you are understood and receive suitable gluten-free beer choices during your time in Vienna.

gluten free beer Vienna

Local Resources:

“To find the best gluten free beer Vienna has to offer, consider checking out the Austrian Celiac Association for local recommendations and reviews. They can provide valuable insights to help you discover the top gluten-free beer brands in Vienna.”

Armed with a little language knowledge and access to local resources, you can confidently explore Vienna’s gluten-free beer scene and find the best options to suit your dietary preferences.


Vienna is a fantastic destination for gluten-free beer enthusiasts. The city offers a wide range of options for individuals with dietary restrictions, ensuring that they can indulge in the pleasure of a refreshing pint without worrying about gluten. From local breweries to craft beer bars, there are plenty of opportunities to sample gluten-free beer in Vienna.

By following the tips and recommendations provided in this guide, celiacs can make the most of their visit to Vienna and explore the vibrant gluten-free beer scene. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious gluten-free meal at dedicated restaurants, shopping for gluten-free products at supermarkets, or relaxing in beer gardens with a pint of Vienna’s finest, there is something for everyone with gluten intolerance.

With its dedication to providing gluten-free options, Vienna demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and catering to the diverse needs of its visitors. So, if you’re a gluten-free beer lover, Vienna should definitely be on your must-visit list. Cheers to a delightful journey of discovering gluten-free beer in Vienna!


Are all the labeled "gluten-free" beers in Vienna completely gluten-free?

No, some may be gluten-removed, which may not be suitable for individuals with celiac disease. It’s important to check the beer’s production process and consult resources like the Austrian Celiac Association’s website for more information.

What are some dedicated gluten-free restaurants in Vienna?

Some notable options include Zum Wohl, a dedicated gluten-free restaurant serving Austrian dishes, and Pizzeria Scarabocchio, known for their gluten-free pizzas. Other establishments like Ausnahmsweise and GlutenFreeX specialize in gluten-free baked goods.

Are there hotels in Vienna that offer gluten-free alternatives?

Yes, hotels such as Hotel Kaiserhof, Hotel Spiess & Spiess, and Hotel Harmonie are known for their wide range of gluten-free options, providing convenience and peace of mind for celiacs.

Which supermarkets in Vienna offer gluten-free products?

Some recommended options include Bäckerstraße, Westbahnhof, and Schottengasse. These supermarkets offer gluten-free products, including gluten-free beer, allowing celiacs to shop for their dietary needs.

What are some important German words and phrases to know for celiacs visiting Vienna?

Some important phrases to learn include “glutenfrei” (gluten-free) and “Bier” (beer). By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you can effectively communicate your dietary needs and find the best gluten-free beer options in Vienna.

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