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Best Gluten Free Beer Options in London

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As London continues to embrace a culture of health and inclusivity, the city has become a haven for those seeking the best gluten free beer London has to offer. Whether you’re navigating through the charming streets of Brixton Market or exploring the historic edges of Clerkenwell, you’ll discover a plethora of establishments catering to your gluten free needs. This isn’t just about ticking dietary boxes; it’s about experiencing the rich, full-flavoured world of craft beer without the gluten.

In the heart of this vibrant city, from swanky restaurants in London SE1 6JZ to a Peruvian gem in London E1 6LT, it’s clear that the commitment to providing exceptional gluten free beer London options spans far and wide. Join us as we raise a glass to these dedicated gluten-free zones and the breweries that celebrate diversity in brewing and dining out.

Key Takeaways

  • London’s movement towards gluten free living caters to both coeliac sufferers and gluten intolerants.
  • From high-end restaurants to cosiest pubs, London offers a surprising variety of gluten free beer.
  • Establishments with gluten free menus are increasingly seen as celiac-friendly, indicating a broader commitment to inclusivity.
  • With everything from Italian and Indian cuisines to vegan eateries and bakeries, gluten free options are not just an afterthought.
  • Gluten free beer enthusiasts can enjoy a diverse selection of venues in London, affirming the city’s leading role in adaptive culinary experiences.

Unveiling the World of Gluten Free Beer in London

The city of London stands at the forefront of a dynamic shift towards inclusivity in dining and drinking experiences, catering to the needs of individuals with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. A growing awareness and sensitivity have cultivated a rich landscape where the gluten free brewery scene thrives, and an estimated 80,000 Londoners living with coeliac disease now have a vast array of options for enjoying a pint without worry.

Understanding Coeliac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

Living with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance requires careful navigation of dietary choices. The presence of gluten can lead to serious health complications for those with coeliac disease and discomfort for those with gluten sensitivity. Recognising these needs, London’s gluten free breweries and eateries have expanded their offerings, demonstrating a commitment to serve and delight this segment of the community.

The Rise of Gluten Free Beer in the Capital

Gluten free beer’s ascent in London is marked not only by necessity but also by a growing appreciation for craft beer that can be enjoyed by all. BrewDog, a pioneer in this revolution, presents its Vagabond Pale Ale as a testament to quality and accessibility. The Ale is available not just in bottles but also on tap, across their popular bars in Camden, Shepherd’s Bush, and Shoreditch. With every pour, they are shaping a narrative of gluten free beer that resonates with health-conscious enjoyment and social inclusion.

Gluten Free Brewery London

Amidst the urban bustle, the iconic gluten free beer pubs of London are finding themselves at the heart of a beverage culture that celebrates variety and the freedom of choice. This movement encapsulates more than just a trend; it is an ethos of 3—consideration, customisation, and community—that London’s drinking establishments are embracing with open arms.

Leading Breweries Offering Gluten Free Beer

Amidst the bustling streets and iconic sights of London, a revolution brews for those seeking to indulge in gluten free craft beer. Pioneering this movement are a few select breweries that have become sanctuaries for beer enthusiasts who navigate the complexity of dietary restrictions. Reflecting on the city’s storied tradition of pub culture, these breweries have redefined inclusivity within the craft beer scene.

BrewDog: A Beacon for Gluten Free Beer On Tap

Amongst the top contenders in this field, BrewDog London shines as a vanguard for the gluten intolerant community. Being one of the trailblazers to serve gluten free beer on tap, they spearhead the creation of spaces where accessibility to quality brews is uncompromised. With Vagabond Pale Ale flowing directly from the tap, BrewDog’s bars have established an impressive foothold in areas such as Camden and Shoreditch – hubs known for their vibrant beer culture. Their dedication ensures that coeliacs can revel in the social rite of a hearty pint without worry.

Green’s: Crafting Gluten Free Beers for Every Palate

Green’s gluten free brewery, another bastion of bespoke brew options, caters to an array of preferences with its varied selection. While not served directly from the tap, bottled gluten free beers from Green’s offer the subtlety and diversity that any aficionado would seek. The essence of London’s pub ecosystem comes alive through venues like The Truscott Arms in Maida Vale, where the passion for good beer and inclusivity pours out in each bottle served. Gathering spots across the city thus become participants in an evolving narrative of gluten free beer tasting in London, delivering unique flavour profiles to discerning patrons.

  • Vagabond Pale Ale by BrewDog: A harmonious blend of taste and dietary consciousness.
  • Green’s Brewery: Diverse bottled selections that appease the palate without prejudice.
  • Pubs and Bars Collaborating for Inclusion: Fulfilling the promise of a gluten free London.

With BrewDog’s visionary approach and Green’s mastery over variety, a new lane emerges within London’s beer landscape – one that proudly carries the ‘4’ label, signifying a commitment towards delicious draft beer sans gluten. These establishments are not just venues; they are a testament to London’s adaptive and inclusive spirit.

The Best Gluten Free Craft Beer Bars in London

In the heart of London, those seeking a sip of superb gluten free craft beer find sanctuary in select bars that lead the charge in catering to coeliac patrons and those with gluten sensitivity. As more individuals embrace gluten free lifestyles, establishments throughout the city are refining their offerings to include an array of exquisite gluten free brews.

One cannot speak of a gluten free beer bar in London without raising a toast to The Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkenwell. This esteemed venue features the full beer range of St Peter’s Brewery, celebrating their commitment to inclusivity with several gluten free options that do not compromise on taste or quality.

gluten free craft beer bars

Broadway Market’s The Dove and Parson’s Green’s The White Horse are two other gems in the city’s array of gluten free craft beer bars. Here, the enlightened beer enthusiast will find Mongozo pilsner, a premium choice for those avoiding gluten, yet unwilling to forfeit the pleasure of a well-crafted beer.

Adventurers in ale can follow the map of gluten free craft beer bars across London, where the diversity in a brew is only matched by the diversity of these welcoming establishments:

  • The Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkenwell: A historical setting with modern inclusivity.
  • The Dove on Broadway Market: A cosy nook offering an impressive range of gluten free bottles.
  • The White Horse in Parson’s Green: An upscale environment that adds a touch of elegance to the gluten free beer experience.

Within these walls, London’s reputation for embracing diversity – in people, tastes, and dietary requirements – shines through. For locals and visitors alike, exploring the city’s gluten free craft beer scene is a journey as rewarding as it is delicious.

Gluten Free Beer Tasting Experiences

London presents a fabulous scene for those eager to indulge in a gluten free beer tasting adventure. From the trendy neighbourhoods to the tranquil suburbs, the capital offers a unique gluten free beer experience catering to enthusiasts and novices alike. Step into the vibrant world of hops and barley, tweaked to perfection for those seeking the gluten free route, and prepare yourself for a sensory delight.

Gluten free beer tasting London

Discover venues across the city that provide not just a refreshing pint, but also a chance to engage with the intricate notes and aromas that define each brew. Here are some highlights from London’s gluten free beer tasting circuit:

  • Comprehensive menus that pair exquisite flavours, allowing you to sample and savour the full spectrum of gluten free beers.
  • Knowledgeable staff who can guide you through each tasting, shedding light on the brewing process and the origins of each beer.
  • Themed tasting events that create an interactive and communal atmosphere, perfect for both seasoned palates and those just beginning their gluten free journey.

Indulge in this experience with friends or make it a personal quest to find your favourite gluten free brew. Each sip promises an exploration of taste that adheres to coeliac friendly standards, without compromising on quality or enjoyment.

Whether you’re out to explore new tastes or simply seeking a pint that respects your dietary choices, London’s beer tasting experiences are sure to broaden your horizons. With so much to offer, the city’s vibrant scene is one not to be missed for anyone who values a great gluten free beer.

Gluten Free Beer Shops: Where to Buy Your Bottles

As enthusiasts of a gluten free lifestyle embark on their pursuit for the perfect brew, London stands ready with an abundant array of dedicated gluten free beer shops. The knowledge and passion behind each curated selection reflect the capital’s deep understanding and appreciation for diverse taste preferences and dietary requirements. Whether you are in search of a refreshing IPA or a smooth pilsner, London’s retailers are a testament to the rich and varied gluten free beer selection across the city.

Gluten Free Beer Shop in London

Finding Retailers with an Extensive Gluten Free Selection

Embarking on the discovery of gluten free beer shop London leads to delightful destinations such as Bambuni in Nunhead, presenting a passion for inclusivity in their lineup. Similarly, the bustling Brew Wharf at Borough Market is a treasure trove for those in pursuit of flavourful gluten free variants that defy traditional beer norms. For local haunt seekers, The Sultan in Colliers Wood offers an atmosphere where each sip is a celebration of both culture and conscious consumerism, solidifying the city’s commitment to a growing market demand.

The Convenience of Online Beer Shopping

In an era where convenience is king, the allure of online shopping for gluten free beer is undeniable. A myriad of breweries now navigate the digital space, providing the luxury of gluten free beer delivery London right to your doorstep. Whether it’s the comfort of home enjoyment or the joy of gifting a friend, the number ‘7’ signifies more than a digit—it’s a symbol of the various gluten free options available at the click of a button, ensuring no Londoner is ever more than a few taps away from their preferred pint.

  • Bambuni Nunhead – A destination for gluten free beer aficionados
  • Brew Wharf Borough Market – Varieties for every palate
  • The Sultan Colliers Wood – Combining culture with gluten-free conscientiousness
  1. Explore online breweries offering home delivery
  2. Enjoy the diverse gluten free beer selection at your leisure
  3. Indulge in the ease and comfort of direct-to-door service in London

A Guide to Gluten Free Beer Pubs Across London’s Neighborhoods

Embark on a splendid journey from the vibrant pubs of Islington to the welcoming taverns of Colliers Wood, where the pursuit for gluten free beer pubs London is met with overwhelming success. London’s tapestry of neighbourhoods is rich with celiac-friendly watering holes, each offering gluten free options that coeliacs and those with gluten sensitivities can relish with peace of mind.

gluten free beer pubs London

Your Gluten Free Pub Crawl: From North to South London

Imagine a North to South London pub crawl designed specifically for gluten free beer aficionados; one that seamlessly connects the dots between the finest celiac-safe establishments the city has to offer. In the north, the likes of The Hanbury Arms in Islington stand as a proud starting point, while The Sultan awaits as a southern gem with a commendable variety of gluten free brews. This curated route satisfies not just the thirst for exceptional beer, but the desire for a truly inclusive London pub experience.

Enjoying Celiac-Friendly Atmospheres in the City

Create unforgettable memories in pubs like The Albany, nestled in the heart of Fitzrovia, or The Colonel Fawcett in the quaint borough of Camden Town. These are just a couple of the many sanctuaries offering safe havens where the phrase ‘inclusive drinking atmosphere’ resonates deeply. With more than 8 recognisable options to choose from, each visit promises a welcoming space where friends and families can unite over a pint with no dietary compromise.

  • The Albany, Fitzrovia – A beacon of hospitality and inclusivity
  • The Colonel Fawcett, Camden Town – Blending history with gluten free care
  • The Hanbury Arms, Islington – A rustic charm with a gluten free twist
  • The Sultan, Colliers Wood – A southern star in the gluten free pub galaxy

Thus, a pint in hand, we navigate through London’s sprawling urban landscape, discovering the city’s dedication to diversity and dietary inclusivity – a true testimony to its status as a world-leading, celiac-conscious metropolis.

Top Restaurants with Gluten Free Beer Options

Discerning food enthusiasts who require gluten-free options are often challenged when dining out. Yet, London’s vibrant restaurant scene prides itself on catering to every patron’s needs, including those who seek the best gluten free beer options. It’s a delight to note that the capital’s culinary hotspots are not just about the food anymore. The availability of gluten free beer in London restaurants talks volumes about the city’s adaptability and inclusive gastronomy.

  • The Queens Arms nestled in the heart of Victoria is renowned for their succulent roasts and now, their meticulous selection of gluten-free beers.
  • Drury 188-189 in Covent Garden serves not only a tantalising menu but complements it with refreshing gluten-free beer that’s second to none.
  • Soho’s Leggero is a treasure trove for gluten-free patrons with their homemade brownies that pair wonderfully with their handpicked gluten-free ales.

These establishments symbolise London’s dedication to creating a comprehensive and holistic dining experience for all, regardless of dietary restrictions. The effort put into ensuring that each guest has a variety of gluten-free beers to choose from highlights an evolving landscape – one where taste and health go hand in hand.

Gluten Free Beer in London Restaurants

As you plan your next outing, remember that the city’s best dining spots are brimming with options that promise not just a feast for your taste buds but also peace of mind, knowing that your dietary needs are being taken seriously. So, whether it’s for an intimate dinner or a casual brunch, rest assured that London’s finest are ready to serve you with some of the finest gluten-free beers the city has to offer.

Celebrating the Best Gluten Free Beers Available in London

London’s embrace of the gluten free trend extends to the invigorating world of craft beers. The city’s pubs and breweries commendably cater to the tastes and dietary requirements of coeliacs and those preferring a gluten free lifestyle. Top gluten free beers have become a staple in the capital’s beer scene, allowing everyone to celebrate the best gluten free beer London has to offer in unison.

Celebrate Best Gluten Free Beer London

In every corner of the city, from trendy market stalls to classic English pubs, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of gluten free ales, pilsners, and IPAs. Amongst these, the G-Free pilsner from St Peter’s Brewery carves out a special place with its full-bodied flavours and wide appeal, securing its reputation as one of the top gluten free beers available. Meanwhile, Green’s Discovery IPA is not just an IPA by name; it is a revelation in taste, a true adventure for the palate, rooted in the principles of gluten free brewing.

  • St Peter’s Brewery G-Free pilsner
  • Green’s Discovery IPA

The collective efforts of establishments that serve gluten free beers have been nothing short of inspirational. Their dedication ensures that whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can indulge in high-quality gluten free beers that hold their own in London’s competitive beer market. It’s more than a drink; it’s a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and the storied British craft of brewing.

Gluten Free Beer London: The Ultimate City-Wide Tour for Celiac Friendly Brews

A journey through London’s gluten free beer landscape is not merely a casual outing; it’s an exploration of the city’s commitment to inclusivity and health-conscious libations. For those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the quest for the perfect pint resonates with both the pleasure of taste and the necessity of well-being.

Esteemed for their innovative approaches and dedication to the cause, London breweries offering gluten free options are transforming the face of the industry. Green’s Brewery, renowned for their diverse assortment that ranges from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, and St Peter’s Brewery with their G-Free pilsner, stand as titans among the London breweries gluten free advocates should not miss.

London Breweries Championing the Cause of Gluten Free Beer

The driving force behind the proliferation of celiac friendly beer London establishments has been their eagerness to cater to the evolving needs of the community. By providing beverages that adhere to the requirements, these breweries have mastered the art of concocting beers that are both safe and satisfying for everyone to enjoy.

  • St Peter’s Brewery – Pioneers in the gluten free arena with full-flavoured ales.
  • Green’s Brewery – Trailblazers with a vast selection of gluten free beers.

Mapping Out Your Gluten Free Beer Adventure in London

The capital’s varied boroughs and neighbourhoods are sprinkled with venues catering to gluten free preferences, making every excursion a chance to discover new favourites. Design your own gluten free beer adventure, from the historical pubs of Greenwich to the eclectic taprooms of Hackney, using the city as your map to navigate a sea of exciting gluten free options.

  1. Chart a course through celebrated establishments known for their selections.
  2. Visit local hotspots and uncover hidden retreats offering exclusive brews.
  3. Delight in discovering locations where the number 11 resonates, not just as a count, but as a marker for excellent celiac friendly beer.

As your London gluten free beer adventure unfurls, each sip brings you closer to the heart of a city that values taste and tradition without compromise. So, raise a glass to London’s breweries and embark on a tour that promises to be as enriching as it is enjoyable.

Hidden Gems Serving Gluten Free Beer in London

In the heart of the bustling city, London cradles a treasure trove of hidden gems gluten free beer aficionados would cherish. These establishments offer a refuge for those with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity to enjoy a pint worry-free. The adventure of discovering these dens provides a unique charm, as they are often off the beaten path, tucked away in the quaint corners of the metropolis.

Among these London’s secret beer spots is The Duke Of Wellington, nestling on Crawford Street. It’s a traditional British pub that doesn’t boast a gluten free menu per se, but its shelves house an exclusive selection of gluten free beers that have become a delightful surprise for many a discerning patron.

  • Small bars hidden down winding alleys, offering a personal and intimate beer-tasting experience.
  • Distinctive food trucks, pairing innovative bites with a range of gluten free beers that satiate the appetite and the quest for gluten free libations.
  • Unpretentious, community-favourite pubs that champion inclusivity by quietly catering to gluten free diets amid their more conventional offerings.

The charm of these venues lies not only in the gluten free beers they serve but in their commitment to creating an atmosphere where dietary restrictions are respected and catered for, without fuss or fanfare, making them true haven for those in the know.


As we observe the shifting sands of London’s vibrant culinary and pub scene, the growth of gluten free beer in London stands out as a particularly notable trend. It’s an exciting era for the city’s beer aficionados and a heartening evolution for those with dietary restrictions who yearn for the simple pleasure of a pint with friends. Embracing the gluten free beer trend, London has shown its ability to adapt and innovate, fostering an inclusive atmosphere that resonates throughout the metropolis.

Embracing the Growing Trend of Gluten Free Beer Options

The capital’s zest for inclusivity and diversity is captured perfectly in its wholehearted acceptance of gluten free beer. This shift towards accommodating varying dietary needs is not just about health—it’s about participation in one of London’s most cherished traditions. Indeed, the social tapestry of the city is being woven with more vibrant threads as all patrons, irrespective of dietary constraints, can toast to life’s many celebrations with a cold, gluten free beer in hand.

How London is Paving the Way for Gluten Free Beer Enthusiasts

Leading the charge in the UK, London’s assortment of gluten free breweries, pubs, shops, and eateries offers a blueprint for other cities aiming to enhance their hospitality sectors. It’s this pioneering spirit that positions London as the enthusiast’s choice for gluten free beer. The burgeoning trend aligns seamlessly with a global movement towards health-conscious consumption, illustrating how dietary preferences and lifestyle choices are being catered to with flair and dedication. The future looks bright, with London at the forefront, affirming that gluten free is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception.


Where can I find the best gluten free beer in London?

London offers a variety of spots where you can enjoy top-notch gluten free beer. BrewDog bars are well-known for their Vagabond Pale Ale, and many others such as The King & Queen in Fitzrovia and The Truscott Arms in Maida Vale serve an array of gluten free options from breweries like Green’s.

What is coeliac disease and why is gluten free beer important for those who have it?

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine, causing a range of health issues. Gluten free beer is crucial for those with coeliac disease as it allows them to partake in enjoying beer without adverse health effects.

Has the availability of gluten free beer increased in London?

Yes, London has seen a significant rise in the availability of gluten free beer. Many breweries, including BrewDog and Green’s, have expanded their selections to include gluten free options, catering to the growing demand from people with gluten sensitivities or coeliac disease.

Can I find gluten free craft beer bars in London?

Absolutely. London boasts a number of craft beer bars that offer gluten free selections. Venues like The Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkenwell and The Dove on Broadway Market are excellent examples where you can find craft beer that is gluten free.

Are there beer tasting experiences in London that feature gluten free options?

Yes, gluten free beer tasting experiences are available in London. Venues often have a selection of gluten free beers alongside menus and pairings, making for a delightful tasting journey for enthusiasts with dietary restrictions.

Where can I buy bottles of gluten free beer in London?

There are several dedicated retailers across London where you can buy gluten free beer. Bambuni in Nunhead and Brew Wharf in Borough Market are just a couple of places where you can find an assortment of gluten free beers to take home.

Is there a guide to gluten free beer pubs in different London neighborhoods?

London is scattered with pubs in various neighborhoods that offer gluten free beer options. From The Hanbury Arms in Islington to The Sultan in Colliers Wood, you can embark on a pub crawl or find a local spot that suits your needs.

Which restaurants in London have gluten free beer options?

A wide range of restaurants across London include gluten free beer in their beverage options. From Victoria’s Queens Arms to Soho’s Leggero, there’s no shortage of places where you can enjoy a great meal alongside gluten free beer.

What are some celebrated gluten free beers available in London?

Celebrated gluten free beers in London include the G-Free pilsner from St Peter’s Brewery and Green’s Discovery IPA. These are widely enjoyed by the gluten free community and can be found in various establishments across the city.

Can I tour breweries in London that offer gluten free beer?

Yes, many breweries in London offer gluten free beers and welcome visitors. You can map out a city-wide tour to experience these breweries first-hand and enjoy their celiac friendly brews.

Are there any hidden gems for gluten free beer in London?

Indeed, London has its share of hidden gems where gluten free beer is available. Smaller bars and unassuming pubs, such as The Duke Of Wellington in Crawford Street, have gluten free beer options for those who enjoy discovering new spots.

How is London fostering the growth of gluten free beer options?

London is embracing the trend towards gluten free living by offering an expansive range of gluten free beer options in its pubs, restaurants, and breweries. This helps create an inclusive drinking and dining atmosphere for those with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

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